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Dear Mr. Pooyan

By this letter I would like to let you know my appreciation about the 10 Kharak professional Santur that I ordered it through to come to Canada.

I am a professional Santur Player for over 40 years. This Santur that you sent me is one of the best Santur I have ever had. I bought my first professional Santur accompanied by a friend of mine who was a professional Santur player (Faramarz Payvar) 35 years ago, I lost that one through a robbery from my home in Tehran, the Santur you sent me replaced the one I lost 20 years ago and it's even better.

Again thank you on your excellent and professional work, which really accompanied by your honestly.

Kindest Regards,

Behrouz Lotfi

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 customers Feedback for Persian Tar customers Feedback for Persian Tar

I would like to share my experience with Mr. Pooyan Nassehpoor the Owner of the website  with you.

It was a while I was looking to buy a Tar but as I am a resident in Canada it seemed hard to achieve this goal, until one of my friends introduced his website, I browsed it and realized that they are offering high quality traditional Persian instruments through their website.

I needed help in selecting the right instrument so I contacted Pooyan and I realized he and his brother Parham are very knowledgeable in traditional Persian music, Pooyan plays Santoor and Parham plays Tar, I became so impressed that the two brothers helped me through selecting the right instrument

The experience I had with Nassehpoor’s brothers is one, which I never forget, honesty, responsibility, caring, willing to help... Are just a few values they possess.

The packing they did was unbelievable, very professional, when I received the package it did not seem that was in the journey from Europe to North America, everything was in order and in a perfect shape.

Not to mention that they already provided me the reference number of the shipment courier which was DHL.


They are so kind that they also kept following up with me on a weekly basis making sure I receive the package and if I needed any help, they were there for me.

At the end, I would like to thank Pooyan again and recommend anybody who is looking for a quality traditional Persian instrument and services to try him and I am positive you will not be disappointed.


Faraz Vakili

Calgary, Alberta

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Hello Pooyan,

I want to thank you for the super service.
The Daf is very nice and the sound is very good.
The Ney is also very nice. It will take me a lot of time before it will give a good sound.
But that's is my problem because I never played it before.

With kind regards,

Hub, the Netherlands                         
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 customers Feedback for Persian Setar customers Feedback for Persian Setar


Dear Pooyan,
My Setar was received safe and sound here at my home in San Diego on April 2, 2010 only one week after you had dispatched it (two weeks earlier than anticipated). I was on a trip at that time. I saw it only a couple of days ago when I returned. It is beautiful and perfect and is exactly as you and your ad had demonstrated. I just wanted to thank you for all the honesty and ease of business with you.
Thank you again,

Hushmand - San Diego, USA         
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 customers Feedback for Persian Kamancheh customers Feedback for Persian Kamancheh


Professional seller, good communication, high quality instrument and good price.
I will buy again. 

Mauro  - Italy         
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Persian Tomabk customers Feedback for Persian Tomabk

Firstly, I would like to mention the professional service that provide. I was more than impressed with the high quality service. Every question I submitted via email to Pooyan was immediately answered with exhaustive detail. I could not have expected anything better. I have to say that this was the first time I had received such a professional service from an internet site selling Persian musical instruments... I was impressed!

I received information and high quality photos of 2 Tombaks that I was very interested in. It was going to be difficult to choose one of them. Anyhow Pooyan suggested that we arrange a live video service via Skype in order for me to choose one of the Tombaks. We arranged it... via this link I was able to bear witness to the sound quality of the 2 Tombaks... It was still a difficult choice. In the end Pooyan recommended that I choose the Hemmati Tombak. I decided to embrace his sincere and professional choice!

After 1 week the Hemmati Tombak arrived... it was packed as though it was made of porcelain! Once I unwrapped it, I started to examine and play it. I was more than pleased, I was delighted! I have to say that I was 100% satisfied... the right choice was made, thanks to Pooyan!

Today while I practice playing I still smile and say, "I'm so pleased and grateful that came my way. This is best Tombak I have ever had" (I have got 3 Tombaks). In a nut shell, I feel as though I'm at home with this Tombak. It is the one for me! If anyone reading this is interested in purchasing a musical instrument, may I suggest that you deal with In my experience you will get a professional and sincere service. What is important for is that "you the customer" are satisfied! And as you the reader knows... I have tasted this satisfaction as I am indeed 100% satisfied.

Thank you very much indeed Pooyan!
Jamil, Trieste, Italy.


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