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Santoori's Customer feedback about Persian Ney  no. 1

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Santoori's Customer review about Persian Ney no.1

Hello Pooyan,

I wanted to inform you that the ney arrived yesterday. I am very glad, what a beautifull instrument.

Kind regards,


Silouane, Switzerland
Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Ney no.1


Received neys today. Nice quality and easy to play all registers on all of them. Thank you.


Felix, UK
Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Ney no.1


Well my message was perhaps a little harsh. I'm happy with the quality of the neys (I still had a very good one and a good one, and it takes time for me to evaluate an instrument), though I have a very long road to improve my playing (I basically played turkish ney but decided a while to focused on persian music).

It's barely impossible to purchase instruments without directly seeing and trying them, and as I needed a G one shortly I went for the economic in these conditions. It's a bit of a bet to order like that and I'm not really use to it, but I went also for an E from Mr Mekaniki which seems very good after a few try so I will surely be very pleased after really practicing it, and of course as I'm no expert, but knowing already some about reeds. Perhaps I will come back to you for a G from Mr Mekaniki if it comes in stock.

About the packing it's good overall but perhaps only one duct tape strap to cover the plastic caps is not enough to seal the tube properly. I find out the package has been opened with no doubt but I agree anyone during transit can open what (s)he wants with no much care. About the case I was just referring for shipping purpose for what I figure it could be safer. I don't really need them besides that as I have homemade pvc cases. Even instruments are strong I think they need a very special attention, also because these ones are difficult to find.

I'm very satisfied with your service and it's a good thing for people like us interested in persian culture that you take care of such providing.


, France

August 20, 2012