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Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.3

Dear Parham,

the Santoor just arrived. Everything is in excellent shape, even the tuning has survived the transport pretty well. I really like the instrument. As far as I can see it is well made and has a pleasing sound and I am sure I will enjoy playing it for a long time. Thank you so much for all the trouble you had in finding the instrument, packing it and sending it off. I hope we will manage to keep in contact in the future.

All the best

Udo, Versonnex/France

Friday, June 26, 2015



Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.2



I have received the Santoor today and it is beautiful, your brother did a great job of tuning it. I cannot wait to start practicing and was wondering about the skype lessons we were talking about. If you could give me some possible times for lessons or when I could do the test lesson that your online site mentions I would be grateful.

Many thanks once again,
Mark, Australia


Friday, 7 November 2014


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.2


Dear Parham and Pooyan,


the Santoor arrived yesterday safely and undamaged.  It is a beautiful instrument, and I’m having a lovely time playing it. I’ve put it into a flexible scale that I think will be useful for me and the styles of music that I will be playing soon: D E F F# G A Bb B C).  My musician friends will be coming around this evening so I am looking forward to combining it with violin, double bass, accordion, domra and percussion. Here I’ll be playing music that would be often played by the cimbalom, the European cousin of the Santoor.  When we do a recording using the Santoor I will be certain to send you a copy.

the very warmest thanks again, yours,

Quentin, Australia


Thursday, 6 November 2014


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.1

Dear Pooyan/ Parham 

Thank you so much for your amazing service, we had the Santoor delivered today safely!!! It is just amazing! My friend loves it so much and so do I!...

We are planning to get some online lessons from you .. But he would like to give it a try himself first! However We would like to say a massive thank you to both of you for your great service..

Hope to speak to you soon regarding the lessons ..:)

Rafat, Manchester/UK


Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.2 Customer feedback about Persian Santoor  no.2

Hello Pooyan and Parham!

I am glad to announce you that the santoor has arrived yesterday at my home, just in time when my vacations began, the timing is perfect!

The instrument is beautiful, at first when you see it , and secondly when you start playing... Awesome!

Pooyan, I think I will need some of your teachings. A huge thank to you two, I hope to get the best from my new santoor!

Cheers, Matt
, July 14, 2013



Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.1

Feedback of Santoori Santoor customer from Chile, Michael Pineda

Mr. Pooyan,

 I think a letter is a poor way to say thank you, because the service that has given to me is infinitely  superior to what can be expected.
I began to search an instrument that I fell in love in a few  seconds and the idea of get it seemed to be an odyssey full of impossible colors, swimming in the  internet blind, deaf and dumb. Distances were factors that scared me and finally convinced me that  all this was a crazy desire, that only the volition could comply. However, it is always darkest  before the dawn; just crossed my way, immensely natural, almost waiting for  me, to stop my agony, to fill my body and mind of a hopeful feeling.


 The santoor was sent from Iran, the quality of the service begins from the warm way that you attend me, until the unexpected and fast arrival of the package to my town, far away from the big cities. The instrument came carefully cradled between insurance wrappers, I felt unsheathe a valuable object that remain for ever in my mind. In a period of three weeks, the santoor crossed the boundaries of the East to go into the distant mountains in the south of the West.

In short, thanks for everything: for the way which you attended me, guided me, help me, advised me and all the fast, secure and reliable service.
If I have the opportunity, I will buy soon a new instrument.
Happy to meet you, Pooyan.

Michael Pineda
El Salvador, Chile


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.2

Dear Pooyan,

I received the santoor today (I wasn't at home before). Thank you for the good work and cooperation.
I am also interested in a Kurdish Daf, later I will write you more about this.

My best regards and until the next time.

Sarwar, Holland

06. August 2012


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.1

Hello dear Parham,

I received the santoor yesterday. The instrument is in perfect condition. It definitely fits all my needs and expectations!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the quickness of the delivery. The French administration didn't even ask for import taxes.

Now, I must thank you for your useful guidance and impeccable service.

Wishing you the best,


Simon B.
Issoire, France


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Santoor no.5

Hello Pooyan,

The santour is very beautiful. It is better than described. I particularly like the deep grain patterns on the wood. It's not only nice to look at, but it sounds very pleasant too. I enjoy the sound of the brass strings (as opposed to copper) on the bass side. It has a good ring to it without the annoying overtones associated with copper. Plus, it's nice not having to use felt on the hammers (you feel more connected to the instrument without it). Thanks for another wonderful instrument!

Take care,
Shahram - USA