Santoori's Tombak (Zarb) Customers Testimonials & Reviews



Are you into buying a Persian Tonbak?

You read here, what Santoori customers think about our different types of Iranian/Persian Tombak-Tonbak-Zarb
with different skins and woods.


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Tombak no.1

My drum arrived last night. It's perfect.


It was a pleasure working with you, and I'm definitely a satisfied customer!


If I ever meet anyone in the market for Persian instruments, I would most definitely refer them to you. And someday, when I know how to use my drum well, I"ll contact you for another. I'm obsessed!


Thank you again, for everything.


Lindsay, Seattle, USA.




Santoori's Customer review about Persian Tombak no.6

Hi mate,

Thanks for this drum. It was a failed delivery and I've now picked up the tonbak from the post office.

It looks and sounds great.


Mehdi, Australia
Friday, 09 January 2015


Santoori's Customer review about Persian Tombak no.4






It's hard to find such commitment to art and love for music as that shown by
Pooyan Nassehpoor. He's a great help for both professionals and amateurs.

He spends long time in selecting an instrument fitting your needs and
expectations. The Tombak he chose is almost perfect. He took amazing care in
following each single step of the trading process taking into account the
smallest details with competence and kindness. A friend more than a trader:
an example of how music and art can lead to a path of humility and wisdom.

I hope it may be of service.

Thanks again

Alessandro, Italy

Dear Pooyan,

the tonbak has arrived!! I missed the mailman twice to my big frustration, but today the doorbell rang with a big package from Germany. Such a joy to unpack. after taking of the bubble-wrap I found the handy leather bag to keep the instrument safe in. Then I finally got to lift out the tonbak. What a beauty!! Nice colour, simple and elegant form, that beautifull skin on it with a nice animal smell to it. After that I discovered the cloth. What a nice gesture!

Just the thing to put over the tonbak when it's standing in the room, or to lay the instrument on when there's a hard floor. Looks great. On top of that the instruction book; so much fun to try and decipher the pictures and the arab writing. It helped when a friend of mine pointed out that not only do you read it from right to left, but the book pages work like that too! The book made a lot more sense after that. ;-D

Of course I gave the instrument a go after the unpacking. Such a unique sound! The dry and subtle Ton not only sounds good, but you can feel it in your stomach as well, like a mini sub-woofer. Made me grin. The Bak sounds wonderfully clear but warm and have a pleasant ring to them. I was surprised at how subtle the instrument is: it makes a big difference where you hit it, with what part of your finger or hand, and how hard or soft you hit it. Now I can understand a bit how those master players get so many different sounds from the tonbak; the
instrument is able to produce many colors if you know how.

The Netherlands