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Santoori Handicrafts strives to offer unique prints of Persian handicrafts. In this page we would love to introduce Persian marquetry Inlay work famous as Persian micro mosaic Inlay.  


In case you should be interested for more information about Persian marquetry Inlay work or Khatam, please visit the following page:


A brief history of Persian Khatam


The following offered items are a small part of our selection. So kindly revisit our pages for updates whenever you like.

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Persian Marquetry Jewellry Box for Sale  

Persian Marquetry Jewellry Boxe for sale

Size: 13.4 x 13.4 x 6 cm
Top: Persian Miniature
Age: 1990-2000

Region of Origin: Persia - Iran

Material: wood, bone, ivory, brass , ...


Price: 50$

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