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Parham Nassehpoor



Parham Nassehpoor, multi-instrumentalist, but mainly known as a Persian Tar player, was born in Tehran, Iran, 1976. He is the youngest child of Nasrollah Nassehpoor, vocalist and Persian vocal master and professor.

In 1983 he took the course, Music for Children/Carl Orff, with Mohammad Reza Darvishi, ethnomusicologist and composer. After finishing the course, at the age of 8, he started learning Persian Tar and Mirza Abdollah’s instrumental repertoire of Persian classical music from Zeydollah Tolui. Then he studied Persian Tar with Hossein Alizadeh, the instrumental repertoire of Ali Akbar Shahnazi with Dariush Talai and took a master course with Mohammad Reza Lotfi. In order to continue his musical studies, he had a course with his father, Nasrollah Nassehpoor for vocal repertoire of Persian classical music. For studying theoretical old Persian music he studied with Seyyed Abdollah Anwar. Then he studied the instrumental repertoire of Mirza Hossein Gholi with Reza Lotfi Larijani.

Besides his first and main Instrument, Persian Tar, he has learnt some other instruments like Kamanche, Setar and Azeri Tar by himself. He believes that Azeri and Indian classical music has influenced his music.

Persian Music Lessons Online Tar Setar Kamancheh


Teaching Persian Santoor

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Pooyan Nassehpoor



Pooyan is one of the founders and successful online Santoor instructors since 2006, after his relocation by 2004 to Germany. He started to develope a new concept of distance learning for his students outside of Germany.

His musical background originate from his musician family and experiencing the teaching of the legendary vocal master Ostad Nasrollah Nassehpoor from childhood. That was why Pooyan came to
Persian santoor at the age of eight.

Pooyan studied Persian Santoor under one of the most influentional santoor teachers and Radif instructors Majid Kiani and some years later under Dr. Soheyl Sadi-Nezhad. Pooyan Studied afterwards by his father Ostad Nassehpoor the vocal accompaniment on Santoor.

Pooyan's autodidactically education of Persian old compositions from records and transmitting of these musical treasures for Santoor enriched his contribution to soloist improvisations and finding new sources for his teaching material.

Santoor Online Courses by Pooyan Nassehpoor

He gained 1994 his first Persian santoor student at the age of 19 and since that time teaches his students on the traditional base of teacher and student in greater detail on one-on-one analysis basis. Lessons are based on the Radif of Mirza Abdollah revisioned by Ostad Majid Kiani. Students will learn different Dastgah and Gusheh through carefully selected practices and melodies.


Pooyan developed the traditional system based on oral transmission to his own teaching hearing-related style without complicated transcripts, which makes his santoor lessons simple for every participants. 

Since 2006 Pooyan teached many students from Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Portugal, Brazil for all, who doesn't have any Santoor teacher in their area. The Santoor courses can be taken in Persian, English and German language.