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                                                       Iranian/Persian Musical Instruments


     Santoori.com provides:

            Iranian & Persian long necked lutes Tar, Setar, Gharibane, Tanbour & Rabab
            Iranian goblet and frame Drums Tombak, Daf & Dayere
            Iranian & Persian spike fiddles Kamancheh & Gheychak
            Accessories for Persian musical instruments
            Persian hammered dulcimer Santoor
            Santoor, Tar, Setar, Kamanche, Tombak, Dayereh and Daf Online Lessons
            Instructional materials
            a wide range of Persian music download


Santoori, the leading provider and producer of Persian (Iranian) musical instruments

     Santoori was originally the official web page of Pooyan Nassehpoor; a santoor soloist, music historian and archivist and a certified musical instrument maker.