Iranian Dayereh for sale
Azeri Qaval (Ghaval) for sale
Iranian Dayere for sale


Instrument: Azeri Uzbek Tajik frame drum
Name: Ghaval Gaval Qaval Dayere Daira Doira Doyra
Famous as for medium size middle eastern tambourine
Diameter: 36 cm (14.2 inch)
Weight: ca. 0.875 kg (0.85 ~ 0.89 kg)
Head: nature (Goatskin)
Made by: Helmi
Our price: 40 € (meets US$ 55)
Available since: September 2008
All Dayeres incl. a soft cover
incl. 14-day money-back guarantee
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Iranian Dayere for sale

Azeri Ghaval for sale

Buy this Azeri Dayereh
Buy this Azeri Dayereh
Terms and Conditions

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Online Lessons on Azari Dayereh

Peyman Nasehpour, Iranian Tombak, Dayere & Daf player

Dayereh with its different transcription and transliteration forms like dayere, doyra, dojra, dajre, doira, daira, doire and with other names like Ghaval, Qaval or even Daff refers to round single-headed medium size frame drum connected with oriental cultures especially with Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Uighurs of Central Asia and Iran.

The drum had been widely used in Folk and entertainment music. The drum is used in a wide variety of settings: folk music, art music, entertainment and dance music.

In Iran there are some non-Turkish ethnic types of this drum like Arabane in Yazd. Variant examples appear in Turkish music cultures like among the Uighurs of Central Asia (dap); in Azerbaijan (ghaval, gaval); in Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia (def); in Greece, particularly the north (defi).


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Iranian Dayereh for sale
Azeri Qaval (Ghaval) for sale
Iranian Dayere for sale