Persian Kamancheh for sale
Persian Kamanche for sale

Persian Kamancheh for sale

Persian Kamancheh made by master Peymani
Quality Classification:
Reference Class

Persian Spike Fiddle
Name: Kamanche, Kamancheh or Kemenche
Name of maker: Master Sa'eed Peymani
Diameter of bowl opening: 10.0 cm (3.9 inch)
Strings: E, A, D & G (Pirastro Kamanche Strings)
Weight: 0.975 kg

Our price Iranian Stock:  $1500

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Santoori's Customer feedback about Persian Kamanche's Customer feedback about Persian Kamancheh
Russell - Australia

Hello Pooyan,

The kamanche by Master Hemmati that I have recently purchased by is an artistic, well made instrument. Once tuned it was ready to play without requiring any further adjustment. ... 
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Persian Kamanche Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

Parham Nassehpoor Kamancheh Online Lessons Instructor

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Parham Nassehpoor offers based on video conferencing online lessons for Persian Kamancheh, Tar and Setar.

Amazing video conferencing via Skype or oovoo messengers will save your money and time to attend your Music Lessons when you don't have any teacher in your area and will need to drive to another city very far from your place.

What you need is only to install one of the following messengers and contact Parham Nassehpoor for the online lesson details.

Please simply click on the picture above or the following messenger logos to get more information

Parham Nassehpoor Online Tar, Setar & Kamancheh Lessons


Saeed Peymani Reference Persian Kamancheh Maker

Saeed Peymani and Me


Pooyan Nassehpoor got acquainted with Saeed Peymani and his Setar instruments in 1998. 

Many acoustic properties are often assigned to specific wood character, which depends largely on wood grains. In search of finding a Kamancheh with such great perfect grains of bowl strips and not only perfect looking instruments, which leads to excellent sounding instruments, Pooyan contacted Saeed Peymani.

Peymani is widely known as one of the most reliable contemporary Setar makers beside famous Setar makers like Ramin Jazayeri. .... 


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Kamancheh or Kamanche is the Persian bowed string instrument related to the bowed rebab. The word "kamancheh" means "little bow" in Persian. The word Kamanche depending on the origin has different transliterations and /or transcriptions such Kamancheh, Kemanchah, Kemancha, Kemanche, Camanca ...

Kamancheh is widely used in the classical music of Iran, Azerbaijan and many other oriental countries like Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan etc.

Persian Kamancheh has two main tunings of 4th and 5th interval from 1st string to 3rd and 2ns string to 4th.

The term Iranian Kamancheh is not the right term for this instrument as Iran is a multi ethnical country and the Instrument Kamncheh is related to the Classical Persian Music. recommends the official webpage of Parham Nassehpoor for more information about Kamancheh.



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Persian Kamancheh for sale
Persian Kamanche for sale