Kurdish Tanbour for sale

Kurdish Tanbour for sale available by santoori.com

Instrument: Kurdish long necked Lute Tanbour Name: Tanbur, Tambur, Tanbour or Tambour
Santoori.com 3rd Option Tanbour
Length of Instrument:
90 cm
17 cm
Sound box:
white mulberry
White Mulberry (Neck from walnut)
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Available since:
October 2009
All of our Tanbour instruments incl. a hard case
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Our price German Stock: 240 €

Our price Iranian Stock:  $240

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Buy this Tanbour
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    Santoori's Customer feedback about Kurdish Tanbour no. 3


Santoori's note about Kurdish Tanbour no. 3
Pat - USA


I received the Tanboor today, It is simply phenomenal, it's an
incredible and beautiful instrument,  I can not thank you enough.  I will not forget where it came from; you have changed my life.  read more



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Kurdish Tanbour for sale