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Reference Class Persian Tar for Sale
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Persian (Iranian) long-necked lute


Santoori Tar no. 1-2


for Santoori


bowl (white mulberry), neck (walnut)


July 2015


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hard case, gut frets, replacement strings


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Persian Setar and Tar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

Persian Setar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

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Parham Nassehpoor offers based on video conferencing online lessons for Persian Tar, Setar and Kamanche.

Amazing video conferencing via Skype or oovoo messengers will save your money and time to attend your Music Lessons when you don't have any teacher in your area and will need to drive to another city very far from your place.

What you need is only to install one of the following messengers and contact Parham Nassehpoor for the online lesson details.

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Parham Nassehpoor Online Tar, Setar & Kamancheh Lessons




Persian Tar is the double-chested plucked lute with a membrane as a sound-box, found in Iran and the Caucasus. It exists in two forms, the Persian and the Azerbaijani or Caucasian. [In Persian language tār-e Shiraz and/or tār-e Qafqāz] 
Persian tar is more associated with Persian art music, especially after its popularity thru such 19th-century performers as Ali-Akbar Farahani, Mirza Hosseynqoli and  etc….


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