Kurdish Daf for sale

Iranian Daf for sale
Persian Daf for sale

Mohammdi Daf from Kurdistan
Instrument: Iranian Kurdish frame drum
Name: Khorshidi daf drum
Famous as for middle eastern tambourine
Diameter: 54 cm (ca. 21.5 inch)
Weight: ca. 0.875 kg (0.85 ~ 0.89 kg)
Head: nature
Made by: Legendary Daf maker from Iranian Kurdistan Province
Available since: September 2008
All Dafs incl. a soft cover
incl. 14-day money-back guarantee
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Kurdish Daf with rings for sale

Kurdish daf for sale

Iranian Khorshidi head Daf for sale

Our price German Stock: 135 €

Our price Iranian Stock:  $135

Buy this Khorshidi daf drum
Buy this Khorshidi Daf
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Solo Performance & Sound Introduction on nature head Kurdish daf
  Please click on the picture above to see a video clip for sound intruduction on the nature head daf made by Seddigh Mohammadi

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Santoori's Customer feedback about Kurdish Daf  no. 2-3 Khorshidi Type


Santoori.com's Customer feedback about Kurdish Daf no.1s Khorshidi Type
Suzy - USA

Yes Parham,

I received the Daf and it is beautiful! I took it out of the soft case to dry out. I have a question about fire. I am so excited to give this to my husband for his birthday. ....  read more



Daf with its different transcription and transliteration forms like Daff, dap, def, deff, defi, diaff, duff, refers to round single-headed frame drum connected with oriental cultures.

The drum had been widely used in Folk and entertainment music. In Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere it has historical and contemporary associations with Sufi rituals. In varying forms it is found in West Asia, the Caucasus, the Iranian plateau, Central Asia and south-eastern Europe. The drum is used in a wide variety of settings: folk music, art music, entertainment and dance music and Sufi religious rituals.

Kurdish type of frame drum is historically related to the pre-Islamic Iranian dap. Variant examples appear in Armenia and among the Uighurs of Central Asia (dap); in Azerbaijan (ghaval, gaval); in Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia (def); in Greece, particularly the north (defi).


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Fair Trade for Kurdish Daf Maker


Santoori.com is very fortunate to be the fair trade partner of a Kurdish Daf maker family

The film Daf directed by Bahman Ghobadi, reflects the authentic life of a Kurdish Daf maker as a part of a great Mohammadi kindred, who carry the Daf making tradition in Kurdistan.

The Daf maker of this film Faegh Mohammadi belongs to the great Daf maker kindred, whose famous members Habibollah, Heydar and Seddigh Mohammadi are known as the greatest Daf makers of Iranian Kurdistan.




Legendary Kurdish Daf maker Seddigh Mohammadi


Seddigh Mohammadi learnt making Daf for the first time from his uncle Mahmud, who learnt making Daf in the Kurdish village Hilwan near to Hashmiz and Takhte.

Santoori is proud of establishing new lines of Daf drums like reconstructing traditional type of Daf with 6.5~7 cm width of the frame, Khaneghahi Type, female Type while our team are getting different reference Dafs from Kurdish districts.

For our global customers we produced for the first time Daf with different grade of head tightness as normal tight, medium tight and extreme tight.

Santoori.com would consequently say his thanks to the great master Daf maker Seddigh Mohammadi for being so cooperative in making tighter head Dafs available for our customers of all climate types. If the climate is dry, slightly humid or very humid, the problem is now solved.


digh Mohammadi is from 2008 in the fair trade program of Santoori.com. Please donate for our Daf producer family or for our further fair trade programs related to Seddigh Mohammadi. Santoori.com says you



Seddigh Mohammadi great Kurdish daf makerSeddigh Mohammad tests the offered skins by SantooriDaf Casting FormPooyan Nassehpoor & Seddigh Mohammadi

Seddigh Mohammadi & Pooyan Nassehpoor

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Please contact us for a live consultation under the following Skype account:
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Or call me under

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a documentary about a Kurdish Daf maker family by Bahman Ghobadi

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Kurdish Daf for sale

Iranian Daf for sale
Persian Daf for sale