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Persian (Iranian) long necked lute Tar


Santoori Upper Class Persian Tar


0.355 kg


14.6 cm (larger bowl)


white mulberry


since November 2011


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hard case, a pack of fret and strings, plectrum


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Persian Setar and Tar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

Persian Setar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

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Parham Nassehpoor offers based on video conferencing online lessons for Persian Tar, Setar and Kamanche.

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Parham Nassehpoor Online Tar, Setar & Kamancheh Lessons




Santoori's note about Persian (Iranian) Tar no. 5


Santoori's note about Persian Setar no. 3

In November 2011 Santoori has surveyed and picked up this product to present a new wood  character. Santoori explored many well sounding Tars under different classes. This product owns a new grain pattern, which leads to an attractive looking of the Tar's bowl.

After the purchase process this instrument has been adjusted on frets, bridge, skin and strings for the best performance. This Tar like any instrument from our store are in a "Ready to Play" condition. Please hear to the audio sample of this product for a better decision by your purchase.

Most explicitly says Santoori his thanks to the affectionate cooperation of Parham Nassehpoor for the adjustment.

Santoori Musical Instruments cares about his service quality for the maximum satisfaction of customers. Please kindly inform us about any issue.


Persian Tar is the double-chested plucked lute with a membrane as a sound-box, found in Iran and the Caucasus. It exists in two forms, the Persian and the Azerbaijani or Caucasian. [In Persian language tār-e Shiraz and/or tār-e Qafqāz] 
Persian tar is more associated with Persian art music, especially after its popularity thru such 19th-century performers as Ali-Akbar Farahani, Mirza Hosseynqoli and  etc….


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