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Instrument: Persian (Iranian) Goblet Drum
Name:'s Tombak Model no.7
Diameter: 28.5 cm
Weight:    3.52 kg
Height:     45 cm
Head: camel or calf skin
Made by: master Helmi
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Available since: January 2015
This Tombak incl. a soft cover
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Lindsay, USA

My drum arrived last night. It's perfect.


It was a pleasure working with you, and I'm definitely a satisfied customer! ....  read more


Online Lessons on Tombak

Tombak (tonbak or zarb) is the chief Iranian goblet drum.

Tombak is the goblet shaped drum of classical Persian music, which is the main drum of classical Persian music.

In the past, was considered an accompaniment instrument. Thanks to great efforts of the late maestro Hossein Tehrani (the father of modern tonbak), people's opinion changed a little bit and this drum had a more important role in classical Persian music and was considered as a solo instrument.
In the earlier time buying a quality Tombak was really hard. After this instrument got more popular, some Tombak producers like Ostad Fereydun Helmi and Mr. Shirani from Isfahan made this drum in mass quantities. This job involved the lower quality for new generation of Persian Tombaks.


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Peyman Nassehpoor

Tombak, Dayereh, Daf now after serving for more than 2 years serving only picked up instruments was very committed to reproduce the old version of Tombaks, which were not mass produced. After many times varnishing of the instrument in thin alcohol-based lack layers occurred the final varnishing process.

The most authentic sounding Tombaks are usually like any other Persian musical instrument the ones, which had a professional thin nature varnish on the sound-box. is proud to make in cooperation of master Helmi new Tombaks with varnishes like old traditional ones based on sprit varnish.

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Persian Helmi Zarb for sale
Persian Helmi Tombak for sale
Persian Helmi Tonbak for sale